Simon's photo
I love what I do and I do it with passion and conviction.

I have many years of experience behind me but I still have the same enthusiasm as when I started. I still experience that sense of nervous anticipation before a shoot and the exhiliration when I see the finished pictures on completion.

My clients are the most important part of my work. Most good photographers have a high level of technical skill, but I'm not so sure they all listen to their client's needs at the outset or share their anxieties during a shoot!

I believe there is always a solution and a particular way to photograph something and I usually find it working hand in hand with the client. It should also be enjoyable and fun, and to that end I do have a good sense of humour - partly Irish as my name suggests.

I have worked with many art directors and editors and have a good understanding of their needs, photography is, after all, usually no more than a single but important stage in an extended design and production process. I have also worked with many printers with the 45 books that I have had published and have a good understanding of their problems particularly regarding colour balancing.

No job is too small because it usually demands the same skills and application that many a large assignment demands Although I am known more for my interiors and gardens work, I regard myself as a photographer in the general sense of the word and I have done a considerable amount of product photography for numerous local and national companies ranging from cheese to paints and wallpaper.

Each and every job has its particular needs, and I will always find the solution.